Introduction of Herbro Ltd

The individuals who founded the company are interested in the poultry sector and in the food industry for more decades. The main owener of Herbro Ltd. is Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd. and the owners of Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd. Herbro Ltd’s main activity is hatching, producing day old chickens. Herbro Ltd. is the owner of the hatchery. Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd provides hatching eggs for the hatchery, while Herbro Ltd hatches for the company. Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd delivers the day old chickens from the hatchery to the own broiler farms of its partners.

Market situation

The world population grows rapidly, while the size of land surface and the arable land is unchanged, or decreasing. The supply of the population, which is becoming more and more urbanized, should be solved together with these facts. Global meat consumption is expected to grow from 290 million tonnes to 470 million tonnes till 2050.
Nowadays meat consumption is growing in the case of those meats that are the cheapest to produce, these are poultry and fish.

According to the estimation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture the global chicken meat production was around 86.9 million tonnes in 2014, which means 18% of growth compared to the production data from 5 years ago. this amount will closely be 90 million tons in 2016. Because of the decreasing costs and the competitive price of the chicken meat the rate of growth is accelerating now the first time after four years, compared to the previous years. The global export of chicken meat has expanded by 25% in the past five years, from which nearly 80% was aimed to the Middle East and to the Sahara region of Africa.

The chicken meat production of the European Union is predicted to be around 9.9 million tonnes in 2014 and 2015 because of the decreasing feeding costs and the increasing demand. The export is not changing significantly, it can continue to be 1.1 million tonnes.

Based on the first data the value of the production of the agricultural section (calculated with services and secondary activities) on current base price, was 4% higher than in 2012. The performance of the domestic agriculture has been improving continously since 2011. The volume has expanded by 12%, which dropped the prices by nearly 7%. The producers' price standard reduced by 12% in the plant cultivation, while the livestock production rose by 3%. (Source: Research Institute of Agricultural Economics)

The operation of the enterprise

The management and supervision of the production and the workforce management and controlling is made by managing director Gábor Kiszel.

The leader of the company has got college degree and experience in breeding and hatching for more several years, also international experience - he manages the operative work. His deputy works for the company for several years as hatchery professional.

The function of firm is continuous. The employees' majority is lady, the technical and night tasks supplies man workforce.

There is hatching 4 times a week. The company currently hatches 2 genotypes: Ross 308 and the farmyard kind Ross Ranger which extends more and more. 

Organizational structure

Locations Map

Price Earnings Changes

Changes in the equity

Changes in result

Changes in investments


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